Appointments System

All patient contacts at Royal Primary Care are on an appointment basis.

We do not offer a walk in service and we do not assess acute minor injuries.

For information on Minor Injuries Units click here.

We do not offer or provide any form of dental care. We will not see or treat any form of dental or gum problem.

For information on how to find a dentist including how to find an emergency dentist click here.

General Practitioners & Nurse Practitioners

14 Day Pre-Bookable Appointments (Face to Face)

These appointments with General Practitioners & Nurse Practitioners are routine appointments that are available to pre-book up to 14 days in advance and can be booked over the phone, in surgery and online via SystmOnline

14 Day Pre-Bookable Appointments (Telephone Call)

You can request a routine telephone call with a Doctor where you will be given a date in which the Doctor will call you between surgery hours. Telephone calls are available to pre-book up to 14 days in advance and can be booked over the phone or in surgery

Sit and Wait Appointments

Sit and Wait Appointments are our on the day appointments and are for 1 problem only. You will be given an appointment time to come in to the surgery and will be seen within the hour.

When booking these appointments you will be asked to give a brief outline as to the nature of the problem. Appointments are then allocated to the most appropriate clinician, which will not always be a Doctor. Please be aware we do not take requests to see specific clinician.

Emergency Appointments

If you require an emergency appointment, you will be put through our triage system which has been built by the clinicians to help our Care Navigators to point you in the direction of the most appropriate service. You will be asked a number of questions by our Care Navigators which will result in four possible outcomes:

  • Directed to call 999 or attend A&E
  • Offered a telephone consultation with the Duty GP who will then decide the best course of action and may prescribe medication over the phone or offer an appointment to come in to surgery to be seen
  • Advised to call back for a routine appointment
  • Directed to self-care, you can find more information on self-care here

We do not offer a walk-in service and we do not assess acute minor injuries. For more information on Minor Injuries Units click here

Specialist Mental Health Practitioners

Our Mental Health Practitioners offer services for the purpose of improving your Mental Health and helping to treat Mental Health Disorders. Appointments with our Mental Health Practitioners are 30 minutes

Any of our patients can book in to see a Mental Health Practitioner, no referrals are required

28 Day Pre-Bookable Appointments

These appointments are routine appointments and are available to pre-book up to 28 days in advance and can be booked over the phone or in surgery

On the Day Appointments

As well as the aforementioned pre-bookable appointments, there are also on the day appointments for our Mental Health Practitioners that will open at 8AM

Pharmacists/Pharmacy Technicians

Our in-house Pharmacy team are highly trained Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who will look after all aspects of medications, including: annual medication reviews, high risk medication monitoring and reconciling hospital/clinic medication changes as well as general medication queries

28 Day Pre-Bookable Appointments (Face to Face)

These appointments are routine appointments and are available to pre-book up to 28 days in advance and can be booked over the phone or in surgery

28 Day Pre-Bookable Appointments (Telephone Call)

These appointments are routine appointments and are available to pre-book up to 28 days in advance and can be booked over the phone or in surgery

Home Visits

A GP will only visit you at home if they think that your medical condition requires it. A GP can also decide how urgently a visit is needed. You cannot insist that a GP visits you at home.
Due to increasing demand GPs can no longer automatically visit any patient who requests a home visit. All visits must now be triaged and dealt with according to clinical need.

Home Visits are reserved for the following groups of patients:

The terminally ill;

The genuinely housebound;

Patients who are severely ill in bed;

Chest pain, shortness of breath and loss of consciousness are emergencies please dial 999 for these symptoms


Requesting a Home Visit

Requests for visits must be made by 1030.  Please only request home visits if you are incapable of attending the surgery.

Whenever possible, try and come into the surgery as facilities here are far better for examination and treatment.

It helps us to judge the urgency of the call if you describe the symptoms.  Our Call handlers and Receptionists are trained to deal with your call so do expect to be asked. Our Receptionist work to the same standards of confidentiality as our doctors and nurses.

The doctor may telephone prior to, or instead of, visiting.  In some situations the Doctor may arrange assessment by another member of the Primary Care team (Advanced Nurse Practitioner/District Nurse/Community Matron)

Visits requested later in the day that are for the genuinely housebound, but are not urgent, will not be seen that day.  Ring early if you wish for a routine call if you are housebound.


Please remember that several patients can be seen in the practice in the time that it takes to make one home visit. So please help us to help you and our other patients by visiting the surgery whenever possible.


The following ARE NOT valid reasons to perform a home visit:


Transport issues for the patient

It is not the GP practices’ responsibility to arrange transport, or to perform home visits because the patient has difficulty arranging transport. In these circumstances patients should seek transport help from relatives, friends, or taxi firms.


Childcare issues for a patient

If a patient has difficulty arranging for someone to care for their children whilst attending appointments, the patients are welcome to bring their children to the surgery.


Poor mobility

Whilst it is understood that having poor mobility is inconvenient and unpleasant, GP surgeries are designed to cater for patients with restricted mobility. If patients are able to attend any other appointments (hairdresser, dentist, lunch out), then they must be expected to attend appointments in GP surgeries.


An unwell child

Sick children will always be seen as soon as possible if brought into the surgery; it is not appropriate to wait for a visit. We rarely visit children at home as a responsible adult should be available to bring them to the surgery.

If a parent believes that the child is too unwell to travel to surgery, and is a medical emergency then it would be advisable for them to seek help from the emergency services by calling 999.


Residents of care home

Care home residents are no different to patients in their own homes. The need to visit should be based upon clinical need, not the availability of transport or staff to attend the surgery. It is the responsibility of care facilities to make transport available for residents so that they can get to medical and non-medical appointments. Routine visit requests for care homes can be requested however will be deferred until appropriate clinical resource available.


Resident outside the Practice boundary

The Patient Choice Scheme will allow GP practices to register new patients who live outside the practice area, without any obligation to provide home visits or out of hours services when the patient is unable to attend their registered practice.


Requests made by another Health Care Professional.

Visit requests made by other health care professionals from other services for patients who are not housebound will not be undertaken.